The Wedding Story by Julianne Homokay


                      This play is about a storyteller who is telling to the audience the story of the traditonal white picket fence marriage, the bride and groom know thats not how the reality of a wedding is and interject troughought the storytellers interpretation of the wedding. The storyteller continually tries to stay on track with reciting his version of the wedding,although the bride and groom keep adding in the negative aspects and expectations of what a wedding is like in reality. In the end the storyteller gives in to the truths that the bride and groom are saying about a wedding and the storyteller tells the story of the reality of a wedding,not the dreamy white picket fence version.

                    The tone,and language of this play is something that really keeps the reader interested in the story. Theres a little bit of every type of emotion conveyed in the tone that a person would have if they were really having a conversation like what goes on in The Wedding Story . The tone that the author uses is meant to have the comical voice to it. The tone also really helps for the reader to distinguish the different characters and thier emotions that go with the words.The sarcasm,and anger that the characters have in the play also support the theme with one of the realitys of expectations during marriage that people do argue. So that brings out the voice of the characters with out the author ever bluntly saying that couples argue. When the roles are reversed and the storyteller recites the different real version of the wedding there is also alot of the writting style that helps to really make the tone of the story stand out.He puts together all of what the bride and groom had been interjecting from what he was saying,and the comedy of it is that they end of showing thier uncertainity on how good that version really sounds trough the tone.


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